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How can account details be changed?

Changes to your address or bank details should be sent via the contact form to our support team.

From when can events be sold?

After submitting your registration, our sales team will process your request. In the meantime, please add your bank details in your account and therefore prepare everything for later event settlement. As soon as you receive confirmation of your registration from us, you can publish your events for sale.

Which data still needs to be added?

You can add and save your bank details in the "My Profile" section. To do this, click on your user name in the menu or directly on "My Profile". Here you will find the data for your registration request and the input form for your bank details.

Create Events

Can I create a seat map?

Yes, with our seat map editor you can create your own seating plan. You can offer your customers to choose a seat in the seating plan or to benefit from the best seat booking option. Simply activate the seat map toggle in the section ‘Venue’.

Which data must be stored in the event information area?

In the first step of creating an event, you define the framework data and description of your event. Event title: In addition to the title, you can also use the header and subtitle for further information such as the programme title, presenters, etc.

To make the initial creation easy for recurring events, you can inherit images and text data out of your event series.

How to set event date and time?

In the section „Schedule“ you can set the date and time of the start of the event. You also have the option to define an admission period, e.g. to allow admission after the start of the event. You can also set a sales period to precisely schedule your pre-sales.

How simple is adding a venue?

First check whether your venue is already available in the list. To do this, simply enter the name or city into the search box and display the results. Can't find your venue? Then click "Create new venue" and enter the desired address. If you plan a completely digital event, click on "Create online event", so it will show "Online event" under Location in your ticketshop.

Please note: You can't change the location once your event has been published. Moreover, events that take place outside of Germany cannot be activated in the EVENTIM network. For more information please contact our support team through our contact form.

Can I define different ticket areas within one location?

In the section ‘Ticket area’ you can easily create different areas such as VIP, standing area or wheelchair users. If the accompanying person of a wheelchair user is included in the ticket price, please name the ticket area accordingly and include a note in the sales info. You can either use our predefined names or enter your own. If you are using a seating plan, assign the seats to the respective area in this section as well.

How can different ticket types be defined?

In addition to the "Full price", you can also add other ticket types and their individual designation for discounts in the section "Prices". You can either use the pre-defined names or enter your own. Up to ten ticket types are available. Further information regarding the different ticket types can be entered in the sales info.

For each ticket type you can individually set up a maximum number of available tickets or define a limited sales period.

How does price calculation work?

The basic prices you define form the basis of the ticket fees and settlement after the event. Enter the basic prices and the sales prices are calculated completely automatically. Sales tax: Please select the sales tax defined for your event. This does not have any effect on the price calculation of the individual tickets.

What do I enter in the sales info?

Enter information regarding VIP tickets, reductions or accessibility in this section. Please also add if the accompanying person for a wheelchair user is included in the ticket price.

What do I need to be aware of when specifying rights of use?

When uploading your image material to www.eventim-light.de, tell us the full name of the copyright owner (photographer, designer, etc.). Please ensure that you unequivocally hold the required rights for the intended purpose (e.g. through a contractual agreement with the relevant rights holder).

Which image formats will be best?

Create an image for each event which you upload as a png or jpg file, ideally in the 16:9 format. The largest image size supported is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

How to publish an event?

After you provided all the event details, simply click on „publish“ and check all information to make sure that everything is fine.

Click on „confirm“ to start the pre sales of your event.

Sell Events

Where can I find the eventim.de logo and how can I use it?

If you sell tickets to your event via our EVENTIM network, you are allowed to use the eventim.de logo on your promotion material (i.e. poster, flyer, banner ads or your website).

Please find more information here:


When is the event, including the picture and descriptive text, available on eventim.de?

As soon as you have published the event and enabled the EVENTIM network option, the event is processed promptly by our e-commerce team, which includes a (quality) check of the content. It is important that your image allows square cropping and that you have not integrated any text into it. If the rights of use have also been specified correctly, your event will become bookable online as quickly as possible.

When are the tickets available in the local ticket outlets?

As soon as you have published the event and enabled the EVENTIM network option, the tickets will also be available to the reservation offices after a brief update period.

How can sales be started?

If you have provided all of the information about the event and tickets, you can use the "Publish" button to start sales via your online shop. If the EVENTIM network is enabled simultaneously, the event will also be available to outlets after a brief update period. Processing by our e-commerce team therefore takes place in real time, so that your event can also be booked on eventim.de.

What sales channels are available?

In addition to your own ticket shop, you can benefit from the sales power of the EVENTIM network, which includes the platform eventim.de and all of the known reservation offices nationwide. Through our box office module you also have the option to sell through a box office on the night of the event or use your office as reservation office.

How can sales be blocked temporarily?

Select the event you wish to block from the list of "Published events" and open the event detail page. Block this event by clicking on the button "Stop Sales", select the status "pause sales" and confirm. By doing so, your event will receive the status "Blocked". If sales can be restarted, click on the button "Publish" on the event detail page and confirm. 

Note: If your event has the status "Blocked", you cannot execute admission via the scan app because all tickets will be reported as invalid.

How can sales be ended manually?

To end sales manually, click on „Edit event“. In the section „Schedule“, change the date and time for „Sales end“. Enter a time-slot just a few minutes in the future and save these changes. Sales will now be automatically stopped when reaching that time.

Edit Events

How can the number of tickets for sale be changed?

Select the relevant event from the list of "Published events" and open the event details page. Click on the drop-down list for the "Edit event" button at the top right and select "Edit prices". On the "Ticket information" page, you can change the number of tickets for each area.

How can data be changed even after an event has been published?

Select the relevant event from the list of "Published events" and open the event details page. Clicking the "Edit" button at the top right shows first of all the event information and then clicking "Save and continue" shows the ticket information. Changes are basically possible, however they do not apply to tickets that have already been sold. This should especially be borne in mind when making subsequent price changes.

How can I change my event to a different venue?

To change your event to a different location, please proceed the following steps:

  1. First, you need to stop sales for this event. To do so, go to "Edit" within your event. In the section "Schedule" set the end date of the sales period to a date a few minutes in the future and save the changes.
  2. Add a hint like „Location changed to XXX“ to the event title
  3. Add another hint to your sales not „Attention, the location of this event was changed to XXX. All tickets remain valid“.
  4. Please create a new event in the new location and publish that.
  5. Contact us via email to operations@eventim-light.de to let us know about the change. Afterwards we will inform your customers.

Please note: We cannot contact customers who bought their tickets at a box office to inform them.

How can I move my event to a different date?

To move your event to another date select the relevant event from the list of "Published events" and open the event details page. Click on the "Edit" button at the top right and simply change the event date within the „schedule“ area.

Additionally please add a hint to your sales note: *ATTENTION THIS EVENT WAS SHIFTED TO ANOTHER DATE (xx.xx.xxxxx). ALL SOLD TICKETS WILL STAY VALID.*

After saving the changes, we will inform all customers that can be reached about the changes.

What do I need to be aware of if an event is cancelled?

If your event cannot go ahead and has to be cancelled, please stop sales for this event immediately. Select the event affected from the list of "Published events", open the event detail page, click on the button "Stop sales" in the top right corner and select the status "Cancel event".

Once this status changes, any shop tickets already sold will be cancelled through our team, customers will be informed (except those, who bought tickets at a local ticket booth) and the customer refunds will be triggered.

How can customers of local ticket offices return their tickets in case of a cancellation?

Unfortunately, we can't contact them because we don't have any of their contact information. These customers should contact the EVENTIM customer service via telephone of e-mail.

Facebook Events

What is a Facebook Event?

You can easily publish an event that you created in EVENTIM.Light directly on Facebook. Just connect your EVENTIM.Light account with Facebook. All data you input in EVENTIM.Light will be automatically transmitted to Facebook. Your customers will then be forwarded from Facebook directly to your ticket shop where they can buy tickets for your event.

What do I need in order to use it?

You need a valid Facebook account. And you also need an active Facebook page connected to that account, e.g. your promoter page. You need to be administrator of that Facebook page to be able to publish your event on it.

How do I create my Facebook event?
  1. After publishing your event go to the event detail page and click ‘Create Facebook event’. First, connect your EVENTIM.Light account with your Facebook account and choose the Facebook page to publish your event. You need to choose at least one page to make sure the connection works.
  2. Next, you need to give EVENTIM.Light the right to access your page. Set the button to ‘Yes’ so that the connection can function flawlessly.
  3. Now you can edit the image and event description for Facebook. Choose the Facebook event category, where you want your event to be found. Next, click on ‘Create Facebook event’.
  4. Facebook will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address that is connected with your Facebook account for confirmation. Please confirm here that you are the co-host of the event. Only then will it be published on your Facebook page.
What does ‘Revoke connection’ mean?

It means that you delete the connection between your EVENTIM.Light and your Facebook account. In this case your events will no longer be visible on Facebook. If you just want to pause editing your event, just click on ‘Log-out’. The connection with your Facebook account will stay active and your events remain visible on Facebook. To continue editing your event, just log back in.

How do I update my event?

If you make changes within your event, you need to synchronise EVENTIM.Light and Facebook again. Click on ‘Update Facebook event’ to submit the updated information from EVENTIM.Light to Facebook.

What happens if I pause sales in EVENTIM.Light?

In this case nothing changes on Facebook. Your event will remain visible with an active link to your ticket shop. Your customers will see in the ticket shop that tickets are not available.

How do I cancel an event?

1. Cancellation on Facebook

When cancelling an event on Facebook, your customers will also be notified there. You keep access to your Facebook event page, but you cannot edit it anymore. The cancellation will be documented on your Facebook event page within EVENTIM.Light. Changes are no longer possible here either. Cancelling your event on Facebook neither affects the status of your event in EVENTIM.Light nor the purchasing process of tickets.

2. Deletion on Facebook

If you delete an event on Facebook, you no longer have access to it. This does not affect the status of your event in EVENTIM.Light and does not lead to a cancellation within EVENTIM.Light.

3. Cancellation in EVENTIM.Light

If you cancel an event within EVENTIM.Light, it does not affect your Facebook event. You need to cancel your Facebook event separately.

Box Office

What is the box office?

The box office is a web application within EVENTIM.Light that enables you to sell tickets yourself. This way you have the option to use your office as a local booking office, for example, or you can use it to sell tickets at the box office on the day of the event.

How can I use the box office?

Before first use, send us a request via e-mail at operations@eventim-light.de. We will process your request and inform you once you are activated for the box office (may take up to 2 work days). Please keep in mind that we can only activate it for you, if your complete bank details are provided within your account. After activation, you will find the box office application in the navigation of your EVENTIM.Light-account.

How do I determine the ticket types for the box office?

When you create a new event, select box office as sales channel for each ticket type that you want to activate for this channel.

Can I book free tickets through the box office?

Yes, that is possible. Just add a new ticket type by clicking ‘Add free tickets’. This ticket type can be added for the sales channel box office only, and it needs to be activated separately by our support team.

Can I print tickets myself?

Yes, you can print the tickets you sold yourself. Keep in mind that only print@home-tickets can be printed.

Where do I find an overview of the box office orders?

Open the box office application and click on the ticket symbol in the top right corner. You will then see an overview of all orders that you sold through the box office.

How can I reprint tickets?

If you need to, you can also reprint tickets. Go to your order overview (ticket symbol in the top right corner) and click on the ticket that you would like to print again. You can either reprint a specific ticket or an entire order.

How can I cancel tickets sold through the box office?

Find the order in the order overview that you would like to cancel and click on the delete symbol (trash can). An overview of the order in question will be opened. Click on 'Cancel all' to cancel the entire order. If you only want to cancel specific tickets from the order, just select the tickets in question and click on 'Cancel selected'.

How does the settlement of the box office sales work?

All sales will be listed in your regular event settlement report. After processing your event you can download the report as usual from the event page within your account.

The proceeds of the tickets sold through the box office will be collected by you directly. We will charge you with the fees of those tickets and retract the amount via SEPA direct debit mandate from the bank account you provided us with in your EVENTIM.Light account.


How is the online shop integrated into your website?

After publishing your event, you can integrate the ticket shop directly into your website via iFrame or simply post a link to your ticket shop. In your EVENTIM.Light account under “Shop” and “shop integration” you will find the link as well as the HTML code for the iFrame integration. All new events will be automatically added to your shop.

Under “Shop design” you can also change the style of your ticket shop and adapt it to your individual brand.

Which types of delivery are available in the online shop?

Immediately after their booking, your customers receive a print@home ticket as a PDF file via e-mail or also directly for downloading on the order confirmation page.

Which payment types are available?

Your customers can pay via PayPal, PayPal Express, credit card (Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard), Giropay or Sofort Überweisung.

Who can your customers contact if they have questions about their order?

For enquiries about order and payment processing, your customers can contact our support team via the contact form in the online shop.

What is the order-related question?

You can create a question in your ticket shop to ask your customers for further information, for example “How did you hear about us?”. You can provide a free text field for the answer or use the multiple-choice option. This question will be shown in the check-out of all events that are published in your own ticket shop.

Will the order-related question be visible at eventim.de?

No, the question will only be visible in your own ticket shop.

Can I also create a question for certain events only?

Yes, it is possible to create an event-related question when you set up the event. This feature can be used, for example, to ask your customers about special menu requests. If you would like to use this feature, please email us at operations[at]eventim-light[dot]de, our team will activate it for you.

What is the express checkout?

The express checkout is a slimmed-down version of the reguar checkout within your ticket shop. The entire purchasing process from ticket selection to payment takes place on one page. The data that the customer needs to enter during payment is reduced to a minimum in order to make the purchase process as simple as possible. Once the purchase has been completed, the ticket is immediately displayed on the customer's smartphone, allowing them to go directly to the entrance and have the ticket scanned.

Your customers can only access the express checkout by scanning the express QR code. Your normal ticket shop will continue to run in parallel.

When do I use the express QR Code?

The express checkout has been developed for use at the box office to reduce the waiting time for your visitors or to completely digitise the box office. Simply download the express QR code from the event details page and place it in the entrance area of your event. Your customers scan the code with their smartphone, buy tickets for this event online, and can go directly to the entry and have the ticket scanned.

Does the express checkout also work with event series?

Yes, you can download the express QR code from the detail page of your event series. This code will take your ticket buyers directly to the event series. The next upcoming event in your series is automatically highlighted so that your visitors find the right event straight away and can buy their tickets. This way you don't need to replace the QR code at the entrance for each event.


What is a promotion?

With the promotion feature you can offer your customers special offer prices. You just need to generate promotion codes. These are used to unlock prices you previously defined. Use these codes for example in an advertising campaign, or you could reward your most loyal customers by sending them promotion codes via newsletter.

How do I create a promotion?

Go to the menu ‘Promotions’ in your EVENTIM.Light account. Here you can create a promotion and define all the relevant data such as maximum amount of tickets, validity period and if a code is redeemable once or multiple times. Then you generate the promotion codes that your customers will use when buying a ticket to your event.

Please note: If you use the EVENTIM network as sales channel, the name of your promotion will displayed there.

How do I add a promotion to an event?

After creating a promotion create an event in the usual manner or edit an existing one. Go to the section ‘Prices’ and choose the promotion you want to add under ‘Advanced settings’ of the ticket price. 

Will the special offer price be visible for everyone?

If you create a promotion with a code, the special offer price is only visible after the customer enters the promotion code. Therefore only those customers who received a promotion code from you, e.g. as part of a campaign, can buy tickets at the special offer price. If you create a promotion without a code, the special offer price is visible and available to all customers. 

Can I use a promotion multiple times?

You can apply a promotion to several ticket types within one event or to different ticket types of several events. A limitation is implemented through the data within the promotion such as the maximum number of tickets. That way you are always in control of the number of tickets sold at a special offer price.

Where can I find an overview of my promotions?

Go to ‘Promotions’ in the menu bar. Here you will find an overview of all active and inactive promotions. When you click on one promotion, the detail page shows you all relevant information including the events where the promotion is used. Plus, you can also download a report to see how many promotion codes have already been used.

Event Settlement

What happens after the event?

After holding your event, give us your approval to start the settlement process. To do this, choose the relevant event from the list of "Expired events", open the event details page and set the status to "Finished".

When the event is finished, no further bookings, and in particular cancellations, are possible.

When will my event be settled and paid out?

If you have set the status of your event to "Finished", settlement will take place within 5 working days. You can download the report on the event page by clicking the button "Download settlement". For pay-outs, we will use your bank details which you have stored under "My Profile".

Cancelled or postponed events are not included in this and will only be billed once any cancellation claims on the part of ticket buyers have been resolved.

Who should I contact if I have queries about settlement?

If you have any queries about settlement and pay-outs, our support team will be happy to help. Simply send us your enquiry and event details via the contact form.

Where can I download the settlement?

You can download the report on the event page by clicking the button "Download settlement".

Event Series

What is an event series?

You can use an event series if you plan an identical event on different dates. This way you can automatically apply certain data to each of the event dates without any manual tasks.

Which events should be created in an event series?

Basicly this feature helps you to organize recurring events that take place on different dates. You only need to fill in the event details once and can apply them to all event dates.

Where can I set up the location for an event series?

If all events take place in the same location, please choose ‘Events recurring in the same location’ in the section “Type of series”. This way your chosen location will be applied to all events of the series.

If the events take place in varying locations, select ‘Series with different locations’. Now you can add a different location to each event individually.

You can also select ‘Online events’, if all events of the series take place digitally.

How can I change the venue of an event within a series?

To change the venue for one event out of the series, please proceed to "How can I change my event to a different venue?" in the "Edit events" section.

To change the venue for a series with a recurring location, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button "Stop sales" within the series, so that no further tickets can be sold.
  2. Add an info like „Location changed to XXX“ to the series title.
  3. Add another info to your sales info „Attention, the location of this event was changed to XXX. All sold tickets remain valid“.
  4. Please create a new event series with the new location and publish it.
  5. Please send us an email to operations@eventim-light.de to let us know about the change. Afterwards we will inform your customers.

Please note: We cannot contact customers who bought their tickets at a box office to inform them.

Admission via Scan App

Can I print a list of all sold tickets?

Yes, you can download and print a full list of all sold tickets for a specific event to be on the safe side for managing your access.

The list includes:

  • Barcode-Number
  • Ticket-Status
  • Ticket-Area
  • Ticket-Type
  • Price
  • Sales-Channel

To finde this list, open the specific event and click on "Download access data" at the bottom of the page. Afterwards please download the excel sheet and print this.

When can the tickets be scanned?

After the successfull configuration of the Scan-App you are able to scan tickets 12h before and after the defined access period.

How does access control work?

Every ticket has a unique barcode or QR-Code, that can be scanned with our free Scan App. After scanning a ticket, there will be a pop up that shows you whether the ticket is valid or not.

What are the system requirements for the app?

Android: At least Android 5.1
iOS: At least iOS 9.3

Where can I download the Access Scan App?

Google Play Store (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.eventim.mobile.app.access

App Store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/access-scan-app/id1050612187?mt=8

How to configure the Scan App?

In your EVENTIM.Light account under „Admission“ you can download a PDF with QR codes for the configuration of the app as well as a step-by-step guide. Once you have downloaded the EVENTIM.Access Scan App from the App Store or the Google Play Store, you can easily configure the app by scanning one of the recently downloaded QR codes with each device.

Attention: After the configuration succeeded, you need to synchronize the ticket data. This process can only be startet within 12 hours before the event date. For downloading ticket data, your mobile device has to be connected to the internet.

How does the ticket validation process work?

After configuration the Scan App and synchronizing the ticket data / barcodes you have to scan every consumers ticket at the entrance.

While scanning the ticket the app checks the status. If the ticket is valid, the message: „Ok, Zutritt gewährt“ will appear.

Is it possible to scan offline?

Sure, there is no need to have an internet connection while scanning. But please note, that it’s necessary to be online within the configuration prozess.

In addition to that: If you are scanning offline with more than one device, the devices won’t be able to synchronize the already scanned tickets to each other.

When can I start to synchronize the ticket data?

The synchronization can only be done within 12 hours before the event start. To make sure, that the process will succeed, please connect your mobile device to a wifi.

If you prefer to scan offline, please make sure not to start the synchronization before the ticket sale is finished.