Coronavirus - Information for promoters

Solidarity is more important than ever.

However, there are reasons to be hopeful. Thanks to decreasing numbers of infection several states have started opening up certain areas of life. For example, theaters, museums and cinemas are allowed to open in several states. 

Below you will find links to the current regulations in each state as well as further information from the German government and the Robert-Koch-Institute.

We also provide you with a step-by-step description of what you need to do in case of postponement or cancellation of your events. Please edit your affected events as soon as you can, so that we can inform your customers in time.

Postponement of events

1. If the date of your event is in the future, please follow these steps:

a) As soon as you know the new date, please change the event date once* in the edit mode.

b) If you currently don't have a new date yet, please enter a fake date once (which is in the far future) and add to the title of the event "POSTPONED TO UNKNOWN". If the title now exceeds the maximum number of characters, please shorten the original title to make sure the added information "POSTPONED TO UNKNOWN" is completely visible. If you want to pause pre-sales for your event, please change the end date of the sales period. Simply navigate to your event and click on 'Edit'. In the section 'Schedule' set the end date of the sales period to a date a few minutes in the future and save the event. Once you find a new date for your event and you want to restart sales, you will need to change the sales period again.

*We would like to inform your customers as soon as possible and we do that based on your changes. So please only change the information once to avoid confusion among your customers.


2. If the date of your event is already in the past, please follow these steps:

Please send an e-mail with all the info to our operations team under operations[at]eventim-light[dot]de. We will edit your event accordingly and inform your customers. Note: Please do not use the status 'Finished', if your event didn't take place.


Found a new event date?

As soon as you know the new date, please remove "POSTPONED TO UNKNOWN" from the event title and add the correct date. Finally, publish your event again. We will send out another e-mail to your customers with the final information.

Cancellation of an event

If rescheduling your event to a later date isn't possible and you want to cancel it, please change the status of your event to "cancelled". Your customers will be notified and refunded the ticketprice.

If the date of your event is already in the past, please send an e-mail to our team under operations[at]eventim-light[dot]de. We will cancel it and inform your customers. Note: Do not use the status 'Finished', if the event didn't take place.

We regret that you can't postpone your event.


For further questions please contact our support through our website.

As usual you can also find regular FAQs on our website.

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